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Welcome!!!!  And a big THANK YOU for visiting my website and blog!!  Whoda thunk that I'd be blogging, but I figure, what the heck??  Come on in and read what I write!  And while you're in here, check out my photos!!


Percy's House

July 07, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Today I wanted to feature a photo I took a couple of years ago of an old house that sat in the middle of a silage field in southern Granville County.  The property is owned by the Allen Family and has been in their family for many years.  Notice I said "SAT" instead of "SITS" because as of 7/5/2012, during a severe thunderstorm after weathering many storms over many years, the old oak tree that silently stood by as a partner and kept Percy's House shaded, sucumbed to the strains of life and collapsed, taking his buddy out with him.

Percy's House Framed By Nature Here's another view of Percy's House from the highway:

Percy's House

Passing along this scene on Highway 96 always reminded me of true Americana, displaying history as if in a live museum.  If only those walls or that tree could talk to tell the story of the families that lived there; those who tended the fields as a way of life....not to make a living, but to make life itself.  They weren't concerned with what new smartphone they were going to trade for, but rather if the corn would survive the drought and yield enough to preserve for the harsh winter ahead.  The men tended the gardens and worked the fields while the women spent their days canning vegetables and making jellies and jams for a sweet treat.  Can't ya just see a small wisp of smoke coming from that chimney when there were several inches of snow on the ground?  They probably spent all summer and fall cutting and stacking wood so they could stay warm all winter.  

Perhaps during the growing season, they worked in tobacco fields to make enough money for incidentals like paper and pencils for their children to use at school.  Like "Ole Abe Lincoln," the gentle flicker from the fireplace and a dim, hand-dipped candle provided the light by which they read.  When one of them got sick, maybe they had a remedy that we have long forgotten...time, tender-loving care and perhaps even homemade chicken soup!!  Surely, there was an old country doctor that came 'round on a buggy when it got really bad.  But they got by, by sharing the work-load and the burdens as well as the pleasures together.   The Family Unit was what mattered....nothing else was more important.

Times were certainly simpler then which causes one to question the intelligence of our times.  In our efforts to simplify life, we have made it ever more complicated.  We use technologically advanced devices to help us with our daily activities and although they most certainly do help, they have added to the complications we now lament when going about our lives.  We are now more globally connected than at any point in history, and yet we don't talk to each other, not even our neighbors, nearly as much.  Children used to spend time in the great outdoors playing together and enjoying their friends.  Now, they network on computers and play games over the internet...all the while, never leaving their homes to experience what it's like to truly interact with another human being.  We spend less time making a life and more time trying to make a living.  Is there any wonder why mental health professionals are busier than ever?

I say we should spend MORE time making life, than making a living.  Let's all give our due diligence to separating out what's important and what's not.  Spend time IN PERSON with family and friends....time is the one thing that cannot be replaced!  This minute, this second..right you are reading this... is gone.  It can never be replaced.  If we're lucky, we can add up those seconds and minutes to make a lifetime....but when they're gone, they're gone.  Memories, like photos, sometimes are all we have left.......

Percy's House.....whoda thunk that such a simple place, a simple scene along a simple roadside... could invoke such deep thoughts and emotions??  Live life, love doesn't get any easier than that!!!


Birthday Post

June 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Well, today, 6/16/2012, is officially the 18th anniversary of my 29th birthday!!  Hard to believe that the years fly by so quickly.  I sound like an Old Man when I talk like this, but I can remember $0.45/gallon gas prices, and $0.45/pack cigarette prices.  I also remember going to a move theater and getting out for under $10.  Try THAT one now

Today, I think I'll take a couple of minutes to discuss my most popular print by far.... the "Granville County Courthouse In The Snow."  

Granville County Courthouse In The Snow This shot was taken in the early morning hours of March, 2009 during a late-season snowfall.  The most prominent building is, of course, the Granville County Courthouse.  Located in Oxford, NC, it is one of the oldest courthouses in North Carolina and is still an active facility, holding court sessions for both civil and criminal cases in two separate courtrooms.  It also houses the Register of Deeds office and the Clerk of Courts as well as District Attorneys and Judges.

The view presented here is looking down Main St....and yes, those tracks in the snow are from my vehicle.  To the untrained eye (Haha!) there would appear to be something unusual about this photograph....and the untrained eye would be correct!  This is a technique known as Selective Color.  It's basically a digital painting, where only certain things are in color and everything else is black and white.  But you figured that one out..right??  The technique is used to add artistic value to an image as well as to emphasize the primary, the Courthouse.

I often get asked how I did this, and my answer is always...."Lots of coffee and lots of time."  All total, there are probably a little over 100 hours of editing time put into this image.  Once the photo was converted to black and white, and all the blacks and whites and grays were adjusted, I then had to go back into the image and digitally re-paint each brick of the courthouse back to its original color...(side note and white images are actually many, many shades of gray.  Once an image is converted to black and white, there are several level adjustments that must be made to get it to look like the artist wants it to!)  I must admit, it was quite challenging at times and I almost gave up on it, but I was VERY happy with the final result!!  And apparently many of you are too, as this has been my most popular selling print.  Thanks to everyone who purchased this print!!!  I sincerely hope that you are enjoying it!!  And for those of you who have not bought one yet, I'll be happy to print one for ya!!!  ;-)

Well, I'll sign off for now.  Got birthday stuff to do, and more photos to capture!!  As always, thanks for all your support!!  


First Blog EVER!!!

June 14, 2012  •  1 Comment

So this is a monumental occasion....I'm "OFFICIALLY" blogging.  I suppose that I'll write a little about myself for this first post and who knows where I'll go from here.

So, obviously, my name is Doug Logan, otherwise, I've stolen someone else's identity and am posing as a photographer.  Naw, really, I'm Doug.  I was born and raised in Oxford, NC and am happy to have found gainful employment so I could stay home and enjoy small-town living at its best!  I graduated high school from J.F. Webb in 19...... (oh, you thought I was gonna spell that out?)  I'm still celebrating my 29th birthday, many, MANY years later.  I figure age is a perspective of the mind...and my mind is still young and enjoying life...the body....well, that's another story....

My full-time career (the one that actually puts supper on the table) is in Emergency Services.  I've been in and around firefighting and Emergency Medical Services for about ......HAHA!!!  You thought I was gonna tell you how long I've been around...NOT!  Let's say I've been doing it long enough to have seen a time when no cell phones existed and we didn't wear latex gloves on the ambulance.  For several years now, I've been the Emergency Management Coordinator and Fire Marshal for Granville County, many years that retirement is actually in my sights.  And the possibility of retirement got me to thinking....what am I going to do when that day comes?  I'll be WAYYYY too young to not do anything.... (yeah, I know what you're thinking, but I started working when I was really young.. :-)  Enter photography............

All my life, I've enjoyed taking pictures.  As I looked back at pictures of myself as a young buck, I noticed that I always had a camera of some sort hanging around my neck.  I guess I had the gift of composition long ago.  I went through several point and shoot film cameras, instamatics, and Polaroids through the years and with the digital age, I finally got a semi-professional (I think they call it a prosumer now) camera and started teaching myself how to make it capture what I saw with my eyes.  After I figured it out, I realized that this could be more than just a was a passion and could become a business.

In the year 2010, I formed Doug Logan Photography as an official business and began selling prints of my work.  The first actual sale actually went to a really great and sweet friend as a gift and I must admit, it was quite humbling to know that my artwork would forever be hanging in view of someone who actually admired it besides me!!!  This is the first photo print that I sold:

The Dawning at Sunset From then on, sales have been up and down, but I am humbled and honored each time someone purchases a print!!  It really feels like I'm selling my child each time.

Well, I guess as far as blogs go, this is probably too long, but it's my first so I reckon it needs to be a little longer than the rest.  I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible.  From time to time, I'll post a photo and tell its story.  If you're interested, all of my work is for sale, and I'm available for commissioned work as well.  Thanks for taking the time to read along.  Please drop me a note and let me know what you're thinking.  I look forward to hearing from you and hope you see something you like and would want to own!!


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